100% Customer satisfaction or you pay nothing!!!!


If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our work, you pay nothing!!

We are Handy, VERY Handy!

We can do almost "Anything"!

Our business was born by Ginny. She had a husband who wouldn't get to... her "HoneyDo's"! So she started a business with another husband and she's hired Husbands (and we think all "Handy Husbands" are Handsome) all over Northern California who are more than qualified and want to do your needed repairs and/or service. In other words... all your "Honey Do's"

The almost "Anything" We can do...

We do Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Windows, Pressure Wash, Gutters, Insulation, Masonry, Clean-up & Hauling, Organize anything, Assemble almost anything, Yards, clean-up or... clean-out. Almost "Anything"!

Call now!

The "Anything" you Won't, Don"t, or Can't do... WE'd Love to "DO"!!!

Well... Ginny and her "Husbands" simply Love doing any "Anything" you just can't seem to get done! Our work is guarranteed! Our goal is always 100% Customer Satisfaction. Ginny needs, wants and demands her "Husbands" to be willing, courteous, clean, organized, trustworthy, and honest... period.

Handy Handsome Husbands.com

24 Hour "Help-Line" for our customers!


WE are available, dependable and willing to work hard to assist you in any of your household projects. Call us and let go of the "Guilt"...  for not having called us sooner.

 Call us now... 415.368.3438

Our "Husbands" are all Professional Experianced Tradesmen.


Our "HANDY HANDSOME HUSDBANDS" know their "stuff". They've been doing it a very long time. They are courteous, timely, speak  your language, able to assist in prioritizing, and will do the jobs you just haven't found the time or energy to DO! 

What our CUSTOMER"s say about us...


"The "HANDY HANDSOME HUSBAND" Ginny sent to our home was on time, easy to work with and incredibly skilled at accomplishing our dreaded project. My husband and I have used Ginny's "Handy Husbands" for many jobs since we first reached out to them". J&R San Rafael, CA.

We are your answer...


That day seems to come in all our lives where we have to ask someone for help with the house or business. There are so many people, single and married, who own houses or business and haven't any capable or dependable help. That's where "HANDY HANDSOME HUSBANDS" comes in...

Share the Big News...


WE are an American Company, built with American Pride. We speak fluent English and Spanish. We believe in going the extra mile to make our customers happy and our goal is always 100% Customer satisfaction!

So many Questions, so many different answers...


Customers have questions, we have answers. Always feel free to call and ask us your home related question. If we can help you over the phone... we will.

Coming Soon....... Wonderful Working Wives.com

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to to call us on the phone anytime 24/7. Phone calls returned every waking hour.

Handy Handsome Husbands.com

1816 2nd Street #9, San Rafael California 94901



Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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